Tractel® Air Hoists – Tirak®

The industry standard for work in refineries, tank farms, shipyards, offshore platforms and heavy construction has been redesigned to meet your needs and simplify your ownership experience – lowering your cost of ownership, improving the reliability of the components, and making it easier to service this product right.

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UL Classified/CSA-Approved Traction Hoists

To suspended scaffolding equipment users, an electric hoist that provides safe, reliable and dependable power, with the required capacity, and is also cost-effective, is the best hoist for any jobsite. Tractel® electric hoists are designed to provide years of trouble free service, making these the electric hoist of choice on any jobsite.

The Tirak® X-Series and T-Series traction hoists offer many unique features. These hoists use a proprietary traction system with a wire rope that passes completely through the machine. Other hoists will store the rope inside the machine itself. For this reason, this same hoist can be used for any job from 30 to 1,200 feet and even higher. In fact, Tirak® hoists are designed for use on all types of suspended scaffolding equipment including swing stages, work cages, and bosun’s chairs. Select from either electric motors (110, 220, or dual voltage), or air-powered motors with lifting capacities that range from 700 to 1,500 pounds.

Tractel® Electric Hoists Offer a Backup System for Additional Safety

Tractel® Electric Hoists – Tirak® has been designed with user safety in mind. For emergency situations, a Blocstop BSO 500 secondary brake is mounted on Tirak® hoists as standard equipment. The BSO 500 is mounted externally for easy service and inspection. Even if power is lost, a centrifugal mechanical brake allows for controlled descent. This feature eliminates dependence on electrical components for emergency lowering. The Blocstop BS/BSO 500 is a combination brake for a dual-wire rope system. This feature serves as backup protection in case of a primary rope failure.

Swing Staging’s mission is to provide the best and safest high-quality scaffolding products to the construction industry. Our rigs are OSHA-compliant and all electrical components are UL-approved.

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