Spider® ST-180 Basket

Durable, efficient transmission offers workhorse performance with minimal parts and maintenance.

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Full Description

Spider by BrandSafway

  • Controlled descent at half rated speed during power loss
  • Long-lasting electromagnetic brake; always engaged when power is off
  • Built-in overload sensor and overspeed brake
  • Reinforced midair transfer point and wear plates at base
  • Hour meter records operating hours for maintenance tracking

A self-contained, single line unit, the ST-180 features a working swath of 8 feet. Adding flydecks enlarges the ST-180 to 14 ft, accommodating two workers to double productivity. Contractors can add modular platforms or plank sections between two ST-180s to form a double line suspended scaffold. With modular sections, workers can quickly connect sections without special tools to create a maximum reachable working swath of 56 or 62 ft with flydecks attached. The unit comes equipped with numerous safety devices to ensure safe operation.

Spider® ST-180 Basket Key Features:

  • Electromagnetic-actuated primary brake engages whenever power is off.
  • Automated emergency brake engages in the event of sudden or excessive downward acceleration.
  • Overload limit switch halts upward travel when hoist is overloaded.
  • Durable, efficient transmission exceeds industry performance expectations.
  • Motor and winch are mounted below deck to reduce workspace obstructions and protect components from hazards in the work environment. The drive unit creates a low center of gravity for the work cage, providing greater protection and stability.
  • Level winding winch automatically and neatly stores wire rope on drum, eliminating dangling wire rope tails, ground hazards and premature rope replacement.
  • Wire rope positively attaches to the drum with swaged-on cable drum hook and is supplied with thimble eye on the rigging end.
  • Specially designed control lever for easy operation
  • Reinforced midair transfer point
  • Reliable vented transmission prohibits entry of corrosive agents for greater durability.
  • 1,000 ft version available in rental fleet only.
Specifications: ST-180
Gross Load Capacity 1,250 lbs
Dimensions 37 x 29 x 72 in.
Weight Base model weight of 260 lbs
Travel Speed 30 fpm
Voltage Options 220V Single Phase
208V Three Phase
Drum Capacity 500 or 1,000 ft
Wire Rope Size and Construction 5/16 in. Seale Construction 6 x 19
Construction Alumminum and steel

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