Suspended Scaffolding Accessories

Swing Staging carries a wide range of suspended scaffolding accessories for all the suspended scaffolding platforms we sell and rent.   These accessories include:

  • Boosters, Yokes and Yoke Transformers
  • Central Control Boxes
  • Pendant Controls
  • Roller Bumpers
  • 30, 45 and 90-degree Corners and Adjustable Corners
  • Low profile , Pass-by, End Stirrups
  • Insulated Thimbles for Welding Applications
  • Porch Assemblies
  • Wire Winders
  • Motor Locks and Covers

We have everything you need in just one roof.    We’d be glad to answer any additional questions you have regarding suspended scaffolding accessories sales or rentals.  Please give us a call at (718) 361-2861 or click here to contact us.