Suspended Scaffolding Accessories and Safety Equipment

As your one-stop shop for every scaffolding requirement, Swing Staging offers the scaffolding accessories your project or jobsite requires.

Whether renting or purchasing scaffolding, you’ll need additional equipment and components to ensure that both materials and personnel are conveyed quickly and safely.

Swing Staging carries OSHA-mandated equipment and components so the suspended scaffolding and accessories used on your project and/or job site will be compliant.

Scaffolding Accessories with Personnel Safety in Mind

We carry safety harnesses from Gemtor™, and Miller, including the Titan T-Flex Stretchable Harness which prevents rollout in the event of a fall. From Tractel, we offer their Fallstop Division of Safety Harnesses in Ultra-Light, Economy, Standard, Construction and X-Style to accommodate different-types of scaffolding usage. For head protection we offer the Fiber-Metal® Roughneck P2 Hardhat, which is lightweight but provides heavy-duty protection and exceptional impact and crack resistance.

Secure your scaffolding lifelines with Swing Staging’s Roof Anchors. These may be used as either a tie-back point or as a safety line tie-off point for extra security. We carry roping and lifeline systems including the Miller TechLine Temporary Horizontal Rope Lifeline System from Honeywell, too. Its black static kernmantle lifeline is exceptionally durable in tough environments, and accommodates two workers. We also carry the Miller Xenon Permanent and SkyGrip Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems. These kits provide fall protection for multiple workers while increasing worker safety, mobility and productivity. All of these products meet either OSHA, ANSI and/or CSA safety regulations.

For the construction industry we offer the Miller RoofStrider Systems Kit by Honeywell. The 360° rotating bracket on its MightyLight self-retracting lifeline and roof-mounting assembly for variable pitch wood roofs make this a piece of safety equipment no roofing contractor should be without. Should the need to descend from the suspended scaffold platform arise, we carry the Miller SafEscape Elite Rescue/Descent Device. This device allows for multiple descents and multiple trips to and from the work platform and meets all applicable safety standards worldwide.

From generators to safety belts to safety glasses, Swing Staging has the suspended scaffolding accessories every project or work site requires. If you’d like to speak with us about our selection of scaffold accessories, please give us a call at (718) 361-2861. Or, for more information, please click here.