Pipe Scaffolding and Frames - Masonry

Swing Staging’s line-up of pipe scaffolding and frames masonry equipment ranges from light duty baker-type scaffold and rolling towers to heavy duty shoring frames. From ladder-type scaffolding for interior work to exterior scaffold for exterior use, Swing Staging has masonry scaffolding for every project.

For very large-scale masonry applications, we carry the innovative EasyScale masonry scaffold which enables construction crews to rig the scaffold one time only without height restrictions, making it an excellent choice for high-rise masonry work. This scaffold exceeds OSHA standards in the USA and Canada.

Masonry Scaffolding for Interior and Exterior Work

For interior restorations or even when building a soaring fireplace mantle, we offer the Louisville™ Baker Type Scaffolding/Rolling Tower ST Series and their Fortruss® scaffolds. The Rolling Tower series is easily assembled by one person and is popular with painting and drywall contractors as well as masons. It meets or exceeds both ANSI and OSHA standards and can support a distributed 1000 lbs. Optional components such as outrigger and guardrail add-ons increase this model’s versatility.

Also easily assembled by a single worker, the Fortruss® scaffold is available in 3 feet and 6-foot high models and 6-foot and 8-foot lengths. The model may be stacked up to 15 feet high, however when stacking over 6 feet, outriggers are required. The hallmark of this scaffold is its stability; it is constructed in a single unit and is both strong and easy to use.

We offer everything the job requires to construct effective masonry scaffolding and carry every component required to build them. We stock Quali-T-Fab Shoring Frames and accessories to support loads up to 10,000 lbs of load.  We also have rent and sell dependable BrandSafway’s Systems Scaffold Components by as many pieces as your job requires.

We’d be glad to answer any additional questions you have regarding pipe and frame scaffolding for masonry for rentals or sales, please give us a call at (718) 361-2861 or click here to contact us.