Material Hoists - Portable

If your job site or project requires workers and materials to be raised one or two storeys or to the roof of a high rise, Swing Staging has every kind of hoist to fulfill the task. We feature material hoists portable from hydraulic to swing to chain to platform and trolley. Some are electric and others are gas-driven. We carry the best names in the business and have exactly the right hoist that is required for every job and job site.

Portable Hoists

Beta Max is one of the best names in the business, offer portable hoists for materials lifting. Controlled by electricity these portable hoists are designed for easy service and long-lasting performance including many safety features.

Beta Max Portable Hoists’ Features

  • Power connections that will not fail in severe service conditions
  • Non-rotating cable to keep loads from spinning while hoist is in service
  • Push button pendant control for safe movement with Emergency Stop
  • Efficient gearbox and secure motor housing prevent overheating
  • Volt Meters to determine over and under voltage situations

Beta Max also offers a hoist with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that offers a very soft starting and stopping lifting motion to allow for soft handling of delicate materials like glass panels.  This is a favorite among glaziers.

Hydraulic Swing Hoists

We offer RGC Hydraulic Swing Hoists which are ideal for conveying ½ ton or one ton loads. These hoists assemble and disassemble quickly while self-locking pins ensure that the components are joined together securely to build a safe, reliable job site tool. Swing Staging also carries ASE’s Hydraulic Swing Hoist. Its ability to swing loads up to 2000 lbs with 200 feet of installed cable and left or right load placement, as well as its backup braking system provides the ease of use, provides the efficiency and safety that roofing contractors require.

Platform Hoists

Personnel Hoists

Swing Staging proudly carries Beta Max’s Max Climber 2000PMB. Primarily for materials, the platform converts easily to become a personnel hoist. Constructed from metal panels it is easily assembled and will lift a maximum of 2000 lbs up to 400 feet. The platform includes a number of safety features for both passengers and ground crew, yet occupies a base footprint of only 7 feet by 6 feet.

Ground-Mounted Material Hoists

Capable of moving up to 500 lbs of materials and built of rugged steel tubing, RGC’s Ground-Mounted Hoists make short work of moving materials from the ground to rooftop. Available in several models, these hydraulic systems provide precision-controlled power and power up and down movement for safe and accurate load management.

We also carry Mud Tubs for use with material hoists. Swing Staging has the hoist that every project or work site needs.

We’d be glad to answer any additional questions you have regarding portable material hoists rentals or sales, please give us a call at (718) 361-2861 or click here to contact us.