Material Hoists - Pipe and Frame Hoists

Swing Staging carries material hoists for both pipe and frame scaffolding and systems scaffolding equipment.

Kenco Builders’ Winch

The Kenco Builders’ Winch is a must have for pipe scaffolding work. Using a power winch helps to hoist materials and supplies up and down pipe scaffolding frames. The builders’ winch maintains control while hoisting and provides safety for workers.

Kenco is proud to be a New York-based company and has been a part of many jobsites around Manhattan and the boroughs. In fact, Kenco winches raised scaffolding and material on the recent Lady Liberty renovation. In our Nation’s Capital, our winch products served to move building materials during the continued renovation of the Washington Monument, as well.

Beta Max Maxial Track Hoist

The newest and safer alternative to the capstan winches are the Maxial Track Hoist.  These systems attaches to and builds along with the scaffold.  The installers easily add additional track sections as they build up the scaffold.  It is very versatile as it works with tube and clamp, frames or even systems.

The best selling feature of this system is the safety and productivity. This system is available for rental and sales.

We’d be glad to answer any additional questions you have regarding pipe and frame scaffolding material hoist for both rentals or sales, please give us a call at (718) 361-2861 or click here to contact us.