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Suspended Scaffolding on the side of a building
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Swing Staging Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended Scaffolding

Swing Staging has more than 5 decades of experience as the industry leader in suspended scaffolding sales, rentals and service in the NY Metro area.

We are a one-stop shop for everything suspended scaffolding. We carry major brands like Tractel, SkyClimber, PowerClimber, Beta Max and Spider equipment.

We have a wide variety of suspended scaffolding solutions to choose from, depending on your needs. We occupy more than 100,000 square feet of warehouse space full of equipment, ready to go for sale or rental.

Swing Staging Pipe Scaffolding

Pipe Scaffolding

Swing Staging carries a wide variety of pipe scaffolding equipment.

We have a complete line-up of walk-thru frames, masonry frames, ladder-type frames and systems scaffold.

We also carry sidewalk bridging materials from header beams, junior beams, bridge legs and cross braces.

Visit us at our warehouse and see our current inventory.

Swing Staging Hoist Service

Hoist Service

Swing Staging offers scaffolding hoist/motor repair and certification services for customers and competitors alike.

We employ more than a dozen certified mechanics to perform those timely repairs at competitive prices.

We also keep stock of more than 4,000 different parts for 40 types of hoists.

Our shop is equipped with the latest test equipment to make sure your hoists are DOB compliant.

Swing Staging Scaffolding Rentals

Any scaffolding company can rent you scaffolding equipment for your job. But will they be there to back you up? Swing Staging is known for our superior customer services such as 24-hour emergency service; the fact that we personally service our own equipment as well as that of our competitors and our dedication to providing the peace of mind your job requires makes us stand out from the rest.

We have partnered with some of the best names in the scaffolding rental business, known for their quality and dependability Spider®, Reimann & Georger, Corp., Honeywell®, SkyClimber®, Louisville® Ladders, BetaMax Inc, Chutes International™, Tractel®, Winsafe Corp, Gemtor, and All Seasons Equipment (ASE). This means we can provide our clients with the finest scaffolding rental or purchases to meet any job specification, quickly and with the support that inspires confidence while creating true peace of mind.

After 50 years we’ve joined the BrandSafway™ group of companies to bring our valued clients seamless customer service for every aspect of the scaffolding rental or purchase process. We rent, sell, install and maintain scaffolding. That’s our only business and we do it better than anyone else. Come join our ever-growing client roster that includes the most discerning corporations and builders in New York Tri-State region.

Spider Dual Monorail

Spider Dual Monorail System

When it comes to challenging curtain wall applications, Spider Dual Monorail System is hard to beat. The system offers many benefits including improved productivity with continuous track that enables seamless transportation and repositioning. Call Swing Staging for your challenging application and we can provide the Spider Dual Monorail System. #TeamSwingStaging #SpiderDualMonorail #OneStopShop #suspendedscaffolding #noonecomesclose


Power Climber PC3 Hoist

The Power Climber PC3 Hoist is another great hoist to consider for your fleet. Power Climber PC3 Hoist Benefits – Easy to operate – Longer service life – Lowest annual service cost – Lowest cost to inventory parts – Fewer voltage problems – Workers of all skill levels can troubleshoot and fix most problems Here…


Featured Weekend Course: 10 Hour Bundle

Slots still available! Book now! This is a bundle course, talk about value for your money!!! #TeamSwingStaging #SwingStagingTrainingAndSafety